Soy Really Make Men So Feminine?

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Jakarta, the outstanding issues in the society tells men not to eat too much soy because it could make them more feminine. But was it true?

“That’s impossible, if he is only eating soy in the form of original products such as tofu, tempeh is not possible to make men so feminine,” said Prof. Dr. Ir Made Astawan, MS as professor of the Department of Food Science and Technology IPB in a press conference Healthylicious 2 ‘Healthy Lifestyle with Soy-The Wonder of Soy’ at the Hotel Nikko, Jakarta, Tuesday (04/12/2011).

Prof Madeleine said if someone ate it in supplement form it may have happened, because usually in the supplement there’s contained isoflavonesin in isolates form, which was isolated in order to get a more pure isoflavones.

“Usually when it in supplement form, people will eat too much so it can become excessive intake, and in the study were typically used in the form of isolates,” said Prof. Madeleine.

This condition is due to phytochemical compounds isoflavones contained in soy have a similar structure to the sex hormone estrogen which found in women.

Besides isoflavones, soy also contains genistein and daidzein, which they also act like estrogens and known as phytoestrogens(plant estrogen produced).

“Soybeans are plant foods that have good nutritional quality, and if it consumed in the form of the original product does not make men become feminine,” as he said.

so do not hesitate to consume soy products regularly, because there are many benefits that can be obtained by eating soy, such as lowering cholesterol, reducing risk of heart disease and cancer.(source :

that’s all folk hopes you all get the benefits



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